Failed Production Storage update to 884-9095

I successfully updated a Solo stack but when I moved to the Production Storage stack, CloudFormation tells me that

Replacement type updates not supported on stack with disable-rollback.

then fails the Storage update.
I noticed in CloudFormation under Stack failure options the option to Roll back all stack resources. I haven’t tried it for fear of breaking the storage of my primary database (and the doc does not recommend changing any options), though it seems like that option may get the CloudFormation stack update going again.

Would love to hear recommendations!

Hi @adamtait, What version are you upgrading from? Are you currently saying that the “roll back all stack resources” option is selected?

On version - my DatomicCFTVersion output in my CF stack is 616 and I think I last upgraded in 2020 so (probably) my version is

In the couple of failed upgrade attempts, I’ve left the Stack failure options to the default Preserve successfully provisioned resources.

Thanks @jaret!