S3 code bucket tag missing on fresh 884-9095 install

Hi, i’ve upgraded a couple stacks with no problem, but was running some into some issues pushing a new one in an account that never used datomic. It appears that the “datomic:code=” tag isn’t addd to the bucket. I just added it by hand to work around it for the time being

Also, the instance role seems to be missing the perms to pull code from the code bucket. After making the prior change deploys were failing due to access issues.

Hi, since I’ve recently created a new stack from scratch in a new AWS account, and also upgraded a stack in another AWS account, I have a hunch that you might have created the new stack in the new account and specified that it must Reuse storage, like you’re used to doing when you upgrade preexisting stacks.

If you inspect your storage stack’s details in CloudFormation, you should make sure this was set to false (since it was an entirely new stack):

If it’s not false, you should think about updating or recreating the stack with a false value, to make sure everything is properly set up.

Another issue I had with creating a new stack in a new account was when I created it while being logged into the account as a SSO user. When I did that, some things like this failed. I ended up deleting the stack, creating myself an admin IAM user, and logging in with this IAM user to recreate the stack from scratch. Before it could work, I also had to manually delete some leftovers, especially the S3 storage, if I remember well.

Good luck and please keep us informed, I might learn something from you!

I’ll try it again, in another account to be sure, i’m fairly certain i didn’t specific reuse storage. But we do use SSO users, so that may have been the issue. But will try again, and report back.