Deleting a System


I went through the exercising of removing a Solo formation and trying to rebuild it with existing storage. I read through the instructions:

…however, I found that I also had to remove the following items in order for a rebuild to properly work:

  • IAM Roles
  • IAM Policies (search for name and by “datomic”)
  • CloudWatch Logs (related to my stack name)

Without removing those items, I got an error upon creation saying the resources already existed (even when specifying that I wanted to reuse storage). After I removed those items and then recreated the formation w/ reused storage I was back up and running.

Not sure if it’ll help anyone else - but it’ll help the future me.


Do not manually delete or alter AWS resources not specified in the documentation at, as this can result in undesirable behavior and/or failure of other Datomic systems in your AWS account.

If you encounter unexpected behavior related to stack creation or deletion, please contact Datomic Support ( for assistance.

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