Critical Notice For Datomic Cloud Customers

Critical Notice Datomic Cloud

We have found a problem in 981-9188 that will eventually cause systems to be unable to transact (but still able to read). We are fast-tracking a release to fix this, in the interim please use 973-9132 instead. (If you are running 981-9188 please downgrade to 973-9132.)

If you have added io-stats to a query, make sure to remove those calls before downgrading.

If you have any questions please contact our support team.

We have updated our documentation’s Critical Notices section to reflect this advice.

Updating this post to clarify downgrade instructions.

  • Downgrade all stacks (storage, primary compute, and query groups)

  • The order of downgrading will not matter so you can start anywhere, but downgrading primary compute is critical

  • Select the stack, then “update stack” and use the templates links in our docs for 973-9132

I will further review the instructions for downgrading with the team today and add them to our documentation.