Datomic Cloud 990-9202

This message covers changes in this release.

2023/02/28 990-9202

  • Performance: Datomic now uses caffeine instead of guava for the object cache.
  • Performance: improved fressian read.
  • Feature: io-stats for transactions and queries. See Io-stats | Datomic.
  • Feature: query-stats. See Query Stats | Datomic
  • Fix: Attribute names that begin with an underscore can be used for forward lookups in entity and pull. Note that naming attributes with a leading underscore is strongly discouraged because it conflicts with the convention for reverse lookup.
  • Fix: critical bug preventing transactions in 9188.
  • Fix: pull performance regression introduced in 9188.
  • Fix: Exception when using io-stats in nested contexts, you should no longer see

"No implementation of method: :-merge-stats of protocol".

  • Upgraded AWS libraries to 1.12.358.
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