Datomic 1.0.7180 Pro now available

This message covers changes in this release. The complete change log can be found at Change Log | Datomic . To download this release see Datomic Pro Releases | Datomic .

For a summary of critical release notices, see http://docs.datomic.com/release-notices.html

1.0.7180: 2024/07/11

  • Feature: tx-stats. See Tx-Stats | Datomic
  • Feature: New Cassandra3 protocol with the V4 Datastax driver. See Setting up Storage Services | Datomic
  • Performance: Improve performance in transactions and calls to datomic.api/with by prefetching reads. Config option datomic.prefetchConcurrency limits the number of concurrent prefetches. See System Properties | Datomic
  • Performance: Improved transaction performance.
  • Fix: Regression introduced in 1.0.7010 where the peer jar includes compiled Clojure libraries. If your app has an existing dependency on core.async, ensure that you depend on 1.6.681 or later. An older version will cause the peer to throw a ClassCastException when connecting to a database. See the core.async changelog for more details: GitHub - clojure/core.async: Facilities for async programming and communication in Clojure
  • Fix: Regression introduced in 1.0.7010 where continuous heavy transaction load could cause unbounded memory use on the transactor.
  • Fix: TransactionApplyMsec metric now includes transactions which took less than a millisecond to apply.
  • Fix: Ensure datoms are virtual and are no longer added to the log.
  • Upgraded Clojure to 1.11.3 in the transactor.
  • Upgraded com.datomic/client-pro to 1.0.81
  • Upgraded bootstrap.js in the REST API server to 5.3.3 addresses CVE-2016-10735.
  • Datomic now supports Java 21.
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