Datomic 1.0.6397 now available

This message covers changes in this release. For a summary of critical release notices, see http://docs.datomic.com/release-notices.html . The complete change log can be found at Change Log | Datomic

1.0.6397: 2022/04/05

  • New API: Add :release-object-cache to d/administer-system. See datomic.api - Datomic Clojure API documentation
  • New: Expose configuration to set the memcached item expiration in days. System Properties | Datomic
  • Feature: Support for DynamoDB in additional regions (including eu-north-1)
  • Feature: Add support for JDK17
  • Notes: Updated EULA
  • Upgraded artemis to 2.19.1
  • Upgraded com.datomic/memcache-asg-java-client to
  • Upgraded transit-clj to 1.0.329
  • Upgraded aws-sdk-bundle to 1.12.132
  • Upgraded client-pro to 1.0.75
  • Upgraded clojure to 1.11.0 in transactor

@jaret does this mean it’s okay to use Clojure 1.11 when deploying to Datomic Cloud?

Also, I think there might be a typo in the release notes. It says “1.0.6397: 2022/05/04”.

Thank you for noticing the release date. We have that sorted now :slight_smile:

This release does not affect Datomic Cloud. An update to Cloud with the ability to use Clojure 1.11 is on the way.