Datomic 1.0.6711 On-prem now available

This message covers changes in this release. For a summary of critical release notices, see http://docs.datomic.com/release-notices.html . The complete change log can be found at Change Log | Datomic

Implicit Partitions Blog Post

Change in 1.0.6711

  • Feature: Implicit partitions. See Schema | Datomic.
  • Feature: :db/force-partition and :db/match-partition. See Transactions | Datomic.
  • Upgrade: The transactor and peer now require an LTS version of Java 1.11 or greater.
  • Upgraded artemis to 2.28.0.
  • Upgraded caffeine to 3.1.5.
  • Upgraded ring to 1.10.0.

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