Abandoned Load Balancer on 884-9095 upgrade

When I upgraded my production topology compute group to 884-9095, it encountered the following error while trying to clean up the old network load balancer:

Load balancer ‘xxx’ cannot be deleted because it is currently associated with another service (Service: AmazonElasticLoadBalancing; Status Code: 400; Error Code: ResourceInUse; Request ID: xxx; Proxy: null)

The upgrade finished without any other problems and my query groups did not have this problem (they also did not have API Gateway lambda proxies), but now I have a single network load balancer left over (with the datomic:system tag). The load balancer is the one referenced in the above error message.

Is it safe for me to manually delete the network load balancer?


UPDATE: I think the delete was actually blocked by an old Vpc Endpoint Service

Yes you can delete the NLB. As of 884-9095, each compute group now uses an ALB instead of an NLB.