Busy anomaly


My datomic cloud is systematically giving busy anomaly errors very often as soon as there are a few more requests. I was expecting it to have high availability but I can’t seem to see it in action It’s setup with the production topology using i3.xlarge with 2 instances. Not sure which metric to look at but the cpu usage of the servers always seems low, does not pass 15%. I also don’t see the indexes being used. I also tried increasing the number of instances in the auto scaling group but to no avail, still get the same issue.

Take note that I’m set up that I have a jetty server on ELB which is doing requests through a vpc endpoint. Not sure what to do next or how to debug or what changes to do to resolve the issue. Please help.


Well I added more instances and it did seem to slightly alleviate problem, would still need help.


Is it possible that it’s not using the different instances, but only soliciting one?


As per your support, I restarted the instances and it resolved the issue of the busy anomalies.

Also according to support: the symptoms are matching a couple of issues that have recently been identified. One of which, we are still working on a fix for that will be included in the next release of cloud and another which we’ve already released a fix for around Valcache Cleanup/ Node.js end of life. As such, I would recommend that you upgrade to our latest release 470-8654.1. This release includes the fix for Valcache cleanup which has similar symptoms as you’ve described and is a critical notice upgrade with a recommendation to upgrade as soon as possible due to the AWS End of Life of the node.js runtime is used to create support functions for cloud.

Thank you support! :slight_smile: