Missing data when busy, then data reappears when not busy

I am getting strange behavior when retrieving data, sometimes data is present and other times it is not.

This seems to occur during times when the nodes are busy, meaning I’m getting a busy anomaly, and the version of the database (datomic/db) when doing a query on it returns no data, but then getting a new version of the database (datomic/db) once it is no longer busy and redoing the same query with the same keys returns data. And this data/no data alternates using the exact same query with the same keys.

Not sure how to debug this.


As per your support, I restarted the instances and it resolved the issue of the busy anomalies.

Also according to support: the symptoms are matching a couple of issues that have recently been identified. One of which, we are still working on a fix for that will be included in the next release of cloud and another which we’ve already released a fix for around Valcache Cleanup/ Node.js end of life. As such, I would recommend that you upgrade to our latest release 470-8654.1. This release includes the fix for Valcache cleanup which has similar symptoms as you’ve described and is a critical notice upgrade with a recommendation to upgrade as soon as possible due to the AWS End of Life of the node.js runtime is used to create support functions for cloud.

Thank you support! :slight_smile:

The latest release of Datomic Cloud includes fixes for the identified issues we discussed in your support ticket: