Datomic Cloud 884-9095

This message covers changes in this release.

This is a major new release, please read the blog post for details

2021/07/13 884-9095 - Compute Update

  • Enhancement: Many new EC2 instance sizes.
  • Enhancement: Lower pricing for all instance sizes.
  • Enhancement: API Gateways for client and application internet access.
  • Enhancement: Run analytics anywhere.
  • Upgrade: Compute nodes have been upgraded from Java 8 to Java 11.
  • Replaced: The client access gateway is no longer available; you can connect directly to the new client API gateway.
  • Replaced: The analytics gateway is no longer available; you can run your own analytics node or cluster.
  • Replaced: The solo tier is no longer available; the production compute stack now scales all the way down to t3.small.
  • Replaced: The socks proxy is no longer available; clients can connect directly to the client API Gateway.
  • Replaced: Each compute group now uses an ALB instead of an NLB.

First of all, thanks for the enhancements. It’s good to know that the project is being actively maintained.

Could you elaborate on the considerations behind the architecture changes? API Gateway went from “configure your own” to “nope, delete that, we’ll configure them for you from now on”, while Analytics went from “we’ll configure them for you” to “nah, manage your own cluster”.

It’s not prohibitively hard but still very tedious to configure and manage a Trino cluster. Do you plan to provide a CloudFormation templates in the future?