Where do I find the output of events from datomic ions?

I’m using code like the following directly copied from the documentation:

(cast/event {:msg "CodeDeployEvent" ::json input})

This comes from https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/ions/ions-monitoring.html

I’m running Lambdas and they are working just fine inserting data into Datomic. I just wish to output some debug information using… well… anything. Logging, events, whatever. It seems cast/event and cast/dev are suited for this, but I don’t know where in AWS to look for their output. When I go to the CloudWatch->Logs for my Lambda I see the Lambda start and end and the report, but nothing from my calls to cast/event or cast/dev. I looked at CloudWatch->Events but it has become “Amazon EventBridge” and has nothing except the default bus, which is empty.

Where do I find the output from these calls? Or is there a better way to record some kind of logging information? Currently, the only way I can get something to display in CloudWatch is to throw an exception, but obviously that will not do.

Thanks for any help!

You can find your events and alerts here:

  1. Visit CloudWatch > Log Groups
  2. Find and click the log group: datomic-<your-system-name>
  3. Click Search Log Group
  4. Filter the results {$.Msg = "TheMessageYouUsedInYourLambdaCast"}

Hallelujah! Found it. Thank you, Josh.

I spent an hour looking around AWS for this output. There’s just so many places to look. Plus I’m not familiar with how the searching works in CloudWatch. Your example will also jumpstart my understanding of their search language/patterns.

Hey @jzwolak, I’d also recommend this section of the Datomic docs: https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/operation/monitoring.html#searching-cloudwatch-logs

You’ll also note that we also provide Datomic CLI tools allow you to list log messages and show detail for specific messages without necessitating a trip to the AWS console.

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Thanks for the info.

I was looking under “Ions -> Monitoring Ions”. I didn’t think to look under “Operation -> Monitoring” though I do think I briefly went through that. I haven’t gone through all the documentation yet. It may be good to mention something in “Ions -> Monitoring Ions” since that section does talk about “Java Logging” and mentions cast/alert. It could just be a reference to the documentation you give above for “further information”. It would have gotten me to the right location :slight_smile: