Logging from an Ion


I was under the impression that using the cast namespace would allow me to log to cloudwatch logs, but l think I may have misunderstood, and this is meant to be redirected for dev workflow. How do I get fine-grained logs into cloudwatch logs (stdout appears to be redirected too). My aim is to get the logs into Datadog, I think CW logs is the most reliable route.

Any pointers appreciated.


cast functionality does indeed allow you to log to CloudWatch.

In particular, Events, Alerts, and Metrics that are cast from an Ion (https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/ions/ions-monitoring.html#overview) will log to your Datomic system’s CloudFormation logs.

cast/dev can be redirected to stdout or stderr when working locally, but will not be logged at all once deployed to a Datomic system as an Ion.

Thanks Marshall, so if I want to see the normal application flow, I should log events for each stage of a request?



Generally, yes you can use ion/cast in place of whatever you would normally use for application logging.


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