[solved] Where do I view output of datomic.ion.cast/alert?

The issue was that i wasn’t looking at the right log group. All datomic.ion.cast messages are sent to “datomic-{System}”, as where i was looking at - which i know assume is logging information about the lambda, not the application.

see Monitoring Ions | Datomic

OG post below

I setup a aws websocket $connect handler like so:

(ns blah.websockets
   [datomic.ion.cast :as cast]
   [datomic.ion.lambda.api-gateway :as apigw]))

(defn test [request]
  (cast/alert {:msg "WebSocketRequest" ::request request}))

(def test-handler
  (apigw/ionize test))

and mentioned it in my ion-config:

{:lambdas  {:test-websocket {:fn blah.websockets/test-handler}}
 :app-name "..."}

I deployed that and selected as the lambda when promoted by was to provide one for the websocket. On was i see events on the aws/apigateway// pertaining a websocket request. However, if i check the logs for the lambda
aws/lambda/-test-websocket I would expect to see my cast alert e.g “websocketrequest” but it’s not there.

My guess is that it’s never reaching the lambda or the cast logic. But i want to confirm that I’m searching in the right place.

To clarify their is log activity generated at the time I would expect in the right place, but it doesn’t contain the information i coded (msg & request). Here is what i get instead everytime i connect (hit the lambda).

START RequestId: 616e4ead-db00-407e-9eb4-c1dc53d7cf88 Version: $LATEST

Maybe I’m supposed to use that RequestId to see the logged information.

This is a solo topology btw.

The lambda (test-websocket) interface also offers a test function that shows the same log output as above . the description reads "The section below shows the logging calls in your code. "