Licence for On-prem starter

Can I get a starter licence for the current version (1.0.6202) after I already have a starter licence for an old version (0.9.5786)? 0.9.5786 won’t work with Java 11, and I have to use Java 8. Moreover, a lot happened in an intermediate version 0.9.5927, and the tutorials appear to assume this new functionality.

I started learning with 0.9.5786 but put it off for 18 months and now when I try to run 1.0.6202 it does not work, presumably because my licence is for the old version.

Hi @brendnz,

Datomic starter includes 12 months of upgrades and maintenance. The license is perpetual (meaning you will be able to use versions released prior to your license expiration forever), but you’ll be unable to use versions released after the expiration date and we encourage users to move to Datomic pro or continue evaluating on the versions that are accessible with your perpetual license.

Given your circumstances, I am happy to renew your license to let you get a chance to evaluate. I’ve sent you a DM for the information I’ll need to issue the renewal.