Failing to Upgrade Solo to 884-9095

Trying to upgrade a solo system to 884-9095. It is failing upgrading the compute group at this step:

EntryRecordSet CREATE_FAILED [RRSet of type A with DNS name is not permitted because a conflicting RRSet of type CNAME with the same DNS name already exists in zone]

I am wondering if this is connected the new endpoint changes? My system name is “Datomic” (yes, not great), does this need to be a unique name given that it appears it is trying to create a DNS record based on this name in the AWS region?

Hi, have you made progress on your upgrade?

As for your issue, yes, it’s not recommended to name your system “Datomic”.

Yes, thanks for the follow-up. I was able to resolve the issue by deleting the compute instance and re-installing. It is now up and running great.

As for naming it “Datomic” I unfortunately read the section you referenced after already starting the install. It is working fine but does make understanding the names a bit more confusing.