Datomic Cloud bastion issue

I have setup a Solo instance, and then split it for upgrade. As part of the setup, i have followed every step, including the SSH for the bastion.

I get the following error on REPL:

(def client (d/client cfg-1))

On the bastion process at the terminal, I get the following:

Syntax error (ExceptionInfo) compiling at (REPL:1:13).
Unable to connect to localhost:8182

debug1: channel 2: new [dynamic-tcpip]
channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed

Am I missing any steps?

I think figured it out. I n my setup, the app-name is different from the system name. The pedestal.ion sample app uses app-name to create the access url, not the system name.

This error in the terminal running the SSH proxy usually indicates incorrect AWS credentials in your client environment and/or a mismatch system name between the one used to launch the SSH tunnel and the system in the client config map.