Datomic should have reversed index



Hi Isaac,

This feature has already been requested and it looks like you’ve commented/voted on it in our feature portal, but for any other Datomic users who would like to see this feature please be sure to visit our “Suggest a Feature” Portal and vote on this issue.

Here is the link for reverse index:

You can find the “Suggest a Feature” portal by navigating to my.datomic.com, logging in and selecting the “Suggest a Feature” link in the top right.



Does Datomic team have any schedule on this feature?


Hi Isaac,

We do not publish a roadmap of Datomic feature development. The product team has made a commitment to stewarding the product according to technical best practices and does not want to run the risk of customers developing against promised functionality that may turn out to be a bad idea for the product as a whole or reprioritized in favor of more critical features. We welcome and encourage technical feedback and feature requests. Those are taken seriously and made part of the product management decision-making.