Datomic Knowledgebase now available

Announcing the release of Datomic Knowledgebase. You can read more about the release on the Datomic newsfeed.

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Can this forum still be used to ask questions?

@nikolayandr Yes absolutely! The forums will still be a great place for discussion. I envision the forums still being used for discussions and announcements. I’ll definitely practice and encourage cross posting to the Knowledgebase once we’ve boiled down discussions here to a core question or feature. The big gain from the Datomic Knowledgebase is a place where users can upvote features.

I am in the process of moving over all of our “Suggest a Feature” (Pendo backed portal) requests to the Datomic Knowledgebase. The previous portal was limited in what we could do and how we could sign up new users (we had to manually create accounts for each user who wanted it) and the Datomic Knowledgebase is a place where we want all users of Datomic to be able to interact with feature requests, in addition to FAQ, or general questions.