New Datomic Docs Launch!

We’re excited to share that we’ve unified and updated the Datomic Cloud and Datomic Pro documentation into a single resource. This first iteration has revised content that’s up-to-date and easier to navigate. This was a rather large project and I imagine there will be some problems. Please pardon our dust!

Explore the new documentation and please share your feedback to help us continue improving.

Thank you for your support!


That’s awesome :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks a lot for all the effort. I especially like the comparison table between the three Datomic editions. It’s very helpful for long-term Datomic users and even more for people who have just started exploring Datomic.

A question that popped up in my mind was whether Datomic Local supports “bring your own” monitoring. Does Datomic Local log the usual Datomic metrics that could be forwarded to a monitoring system?

New people may think that Datomic Local does not create indexes and may assume it is slow. But even I, as a long-term Datomic user, now have doubts and revisited the docs.