Broken pipe

The datomic client access command starts a local proxy to the bastion (a.k.a. access gateway) instance during development. However, once in a while the connection is dropped and the process exits with the following error message.

packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe

The reality is that the local machine might go to sleep. We might been using Wi-Fi on the train, Ethernet in a hotel, and LTE on a hammock.

Is there anyway we can communicate with the bastion through a robust protocol, for example UDP or Mosh?

The connection via the access gateway is not intended for production/live system connectivity. The client is designed to communicate via HTTP from within a trusted network and the bastion SSH passthrough is for developer convenience.
It is unlikely that the protocol for this connection will change in the future.

SSH passthrough is for developer convenience.

Yes that was what I was saying. Is it possible to at least seamlessly reconnect without throwing the error?