AWS X-Ray propagation into Lambda entry point, feature request

What I want:

To have one AWS X-Ray trace from the integration that calls my ion-lambda (i.e. SNS), through to my fn that is bound to that lambda, through to the downstream systems.

From my fn down this is a solved problem (thanks to GitHub - steffan-westcott/clj-otel: An idiomatic Clojure API for adding telemetry to your libraries and applications using OpenTelemetry.)

I need the ion-lambda, to propagate the X-Ray trace-id. This is where I am stuck.

What I have done:

What I then realised:

  • In my fn, I do not have access to the X-Ray trace-id, it is not in the :context
  • I need that, to use as a parent-id for OpenTelemetry

It seems that trace-id is not available in the lambda context. It is only available in the _X_AMZN_TRACE_ID environment variable, while the lambda is running: Using AWS Lambda environment variables - AWS Lambda

What I then need:

  • For Cognitect to send along those environment variables. Or at least _X_AMZN_TRACE_ID

It is always a little bit trickier with AWS than it needs to be!

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