Peer cassandra cluster callback

I’m having trouble running a on-prem peer api clojure application with the latest version of clojure-metrics and cassandra.
After investigation and reading Metrics 4 compatibility it seems that Cassandra is incompatible with recent version dropwizard metrics out of the box and requires some Cluster configuration. However, I can’t seem to find the means to provide a cassandra cluster callback to my peer application the way it is possible with the transactor (detailed here).
Is this even possible using the peer library? I must add that I’m using vase so I’m unable to use the client library using a peer server :frowning:
Thanks for any assistance

What Cassandra metrics do you need to obtain from the peer? In general, storage, transactor, and peer all use their own methods for reporting metrics and logs and you can (if you desire) aggregate them with a 3rd party tool (like Cloudwatch or datadog).

I’m not interested in Cassandra metrics per se, but rather I’m running into “jar hell” problems with the datastax driver having a dependency to a very old metrics-3.2.x library and more recent versions of clojure metrics (and pedestal log) which depend on the newer metrics-4.x library. The link above states how to circumvent the problem, and the transactor provides a way to supply a Cluster creation callback, but the datomic.api peer library (used by vase) does not.

If you have any questions I’m open to show you some examples :slight_smile:

Ah, I understand the issue now.

Unfortunately, the Peer doesn’t currently expose a configurable callback for the Cassandra cluster.

I’ve created a feature request for this in our portal and added you to it: