Migration to cloud

Just read in another thread that there is no backup/restore process for cloud (given it’s built-in redundancies). What, then, would the process be for migrating data from on-premise to cloud? Would I have to build something manually?


We are currently designing migration tools for users who want to move from On-Prem to Cloud, but these tools are not part of the initial release. I’ve also logged a receptive request as having user feedback helps us better prioritize issues. If you have a chance, please vote on the receptive request linked above.


Unfortunately, the receptive request link isn’t working for me. Maybe it’s a visibility issue? I would happily vote for it.

It looks like the link fails if you aren’t already signed in to receptive. You can sign in at my.datomic.com. If you don’t already have a my.datomic.com account I can create you one. We’re still working with AWS on an account integration between systems for cloud users. To request an account you can click on the “Receptive.io” link here and shoot us an e-mail:


Or you can just message me the e-mail you’d like to use for the account and I can set it up today.

I also cannot access https://receptive.io/app/#/case/60737, even though I’m logged in to Receptive and can access other cases.

Hi! I tried looking for your e-mail account in receptive, but didn’t find it. Are you sure you have a Datomic Receptive account and aren’t logged in via another service? If you can message me an e-mail account I can setup or review your current account for access.