Support for excision or similar


I’m intrigued by Datomic Cloud, having never used Datomic before, but I’ve read that it doesn’t support excision. My use case is a job application tracking system operating in the EU, which means there’s lots of personal data that the system must be able to “forget” for regulatory reasons (GDPR). Are there other ways to achieve this in Datomic Cloud?


Hi Martin,

Datomic Cloud does not currently support excision. I have created a feature request to track this. You can use your account to comment or upvote.



If excision was needed in cloud, could I back up the database and restore it to exclude older retracted data?


All data in Datomic Cloud is stored in S3 (as well as other highly durable storages), which provides very high durability guarantees, making secondary data loss prevention (i.e. backup) unnecessary. We know that in certain circumstances it may be desirable to ‘roll back’ a database. However, Datomic cloud does not yet include the ability to ‘revert’ a database to a prior state. In regards to your question, you cannot restore a DB in Cloud.