Ion deployment failure


I’m deploying an ion and it is failing. Where is the first place to start looking for the smoking gun? Cloudwatch, step functions, code deploy, or other?

Digging further into the failed script just shows:

[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503
[stdout]Received 503


Hi @jarrod, What is the status of your deploy when you’re seeing this? Are you running solo/production and what CFT version? Generally, I recommend that you start by reviewing CloudWatch (for alerts and messages), but this looks symptomatic of a timeout in loading your deps or your app at the “validateService” step. I’d be curious what changed between deployments that worked and this one.


Ion monitoring docs:

Ion troubleshooting docs with known errors:


Thanks for the references @jaret, I have looked over those and found them helpful, though not for my particular issue. I did find that it was a dependency that was causing the issue - I was hoping for a more explicit log or error that would indicate which dependency.

I am not quite sure where to find the CFT version. I am running a solo topology.



The CFT Version can be found in the “Outputs” tab of the CloudFormation stack console.

As far as identifying dependency issues - when you run the Ion push operation you should see an output like:

{:rev "8baf1c47e0bb62faf68c76cf7fefa05635f2ed01",
 :uname "mt-ion-test",
 :deploy-groups (mt-test-solo),
  {commons-codec/commons-codec #:mvn{:version "1.10"},
   com.cognitect/http-client #:mvn{:version "0.1.80"},
   org.slf4j/slf4j-api #:mvn{:version "1.7.14"},
   org.clojure/core.async #:mvn{:version "0.3.442"}},
  "The :push operation overrode these dependencies to match versions already running in Datomic Cloud. To test locally, add these explicit deps to your deps.edn."},

The first step I would take would be to test your Ion locally with any reported deps from that response explicitly included in your local deps.edn file.