Interest in Object-Role Modeling

I am new to Datomic, and if I am honest, to formal methodologies for data-modeling. Recently, I have started reading Information Modeling and Relational Databases (Halpin and Morgan, 2001). I picked up the book because I had a hunch that Object-Role Modeling would be a better way to think about data than ER and UML models for certain problems I am working on. One thing that distinguishes ORM from the other approaches to modeling is that it is a bit further removed from the implementation specificity. Maybe just because I am new to both Datomic and the fact-oriented modeling in ORM, but it seems that there is a natural affinity between ORM modeling and Datomic. There has been some work in mapping between ORM and Datalog

I put this as a topic of interest to this group and curious about others take on it. There is a danger when learning something new to make too many connections between things that are not significantly related, so I want to temper that tendency with realism.

Michael Nardell