Data science with Datomic

Hello! Firstly, I’m new to Datomic and in the forum, so nice to meet you all :slight_smile: We’ve been asked to make some data analysis over data that is stored in Datomic. Our aim is to analyze the stored data and create some models Machine Learning algorithms using Python or R.
What kind of application / arquitecture could we use to that aim? I have made some research, and I’ve found that there is a client API for Clojure. There are also some interesting projects such us ICLOJURE or INCANTER, a R like platform for statistical computation. Unfortunately, right now we can’t afford to use Clojure due to our lack of resources.
On the other hand, there are other libraries such as PyDatomic and Datomic-PY (which looks like it’s quite obsolete), that allow Python to be connected to Datomic via the REST API. I’m new at Datomic world, but I’ve told that the REST API is legacy and that we should use the Client API.

If Python or R are going to be used, which do you think would be the best way to connect to a Datomic database for data analysis purposes?