Node.js support for Datomic applications

I’ve been looking into Datomic and I think this would be an excellent database candidate for the product we are currently developing.

I worked myself through the tutorial with my limited Clojure skills and I am pretty excited about using Datomic in real life.

There’s one but though: Although Clojure is an elegant and intriguing language I don’t think I nor the company has the resources (time) to take on the excess learning curve to not only learn a new database but also completely new language, ecosystem, runtime, tools and everything that comes with Clojure.

Our cup of tea (as boring as it is) is currently Node.js and preferably Typescript on top of that.

After a few hours of Internet searching I wasn’t able to find any production - grade libraries that would allow me to work on Datomic from Node.js. The best projects I was able to find where GitHub - csm/datomic-client-js: Datomic client for JavaScript and GitHub - limadelic/datomicjs: js driver for datomic

The former (based on statements like “Some tests written”) doesn’t sound like its ready for production - grade use and the latter is written on top of now deprecated REST API.

Any advices on where to start looking? If Datomic is entirely Clojure - only are there any similar Database technologies that would be more approachable from Node - land?