I’m running datomic free (version 0.9.5703.21) in a docker container running in Fargate. When running in a container it’s useful to have a lightweight shell command to verify the health of the containerized app. Is such a thing possible? I’m tempted to leverage the REST server and a simple cURL command to POST an update to a noHistory attribute. But that is unsatisfying for a lot of reasons:

a. REST server is deprecated
b. REST server itself is heavy even if cURL is lightweight
c. The concept of incrementing a counter to check transactor seems redundant with the heartbeat already inherent in Datomic.

At this stage in the development of my project I’m OK with some downtime, but without a healthcheck the effort required to monitor the db is pretty high. Any suggestions? Ideally there would be a shell script that examines the existing heartbeat and returns failure if it is dead.

The transactor can expose an http healthcheck endpoint: Transactor | Datomic Is this what you mean?

That sounds like exactly what I needed. Unfortunately it seems that it does not work with Datomic Free Edition. And that is where I’m having issues with my transactor “silently” failing with “Heartbeat Failed” errors.

Any chance this feature gets added to Datomic Free?