Export dev-local data and import to datomic on-premise

Hi all,

I have my app developed with dev-local since months and now I would like to move all the data to an on-premise datomic instance to check infra integration and for a quick demo. Rebuild the whole dataset is possible but involves a lot of manual step and setup around.

Is there a tool / procedure to export dev-local like a backup and restore it elsewhere ?
I have found documentation about how to import into dev-local but nothing for export.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Triet,

I know this is a late response and apologies for that. I wanted there to be an official response for users who might come across this post.

There is currently no tooling for moving a dev-local DB to on-prem. The import-cloud procedure is designed for cloud DBs and specifically to move them from cloud to your local machine.

Because dev-local is best for small, single process applications. You can solve this problem in user spacer to move over the data from a dev local system to a on-prem system, but you would have to write an ETL job using an approach of using tx-range to identify transactions and then transact over those transactions to a new DB in on-prem.