Copying from Prod -> Dev when using isolated production topology


When using a separate production topology to isolate it from the development environment, what’s the story for copying the production database into a dev copy?

The Overview page mentions backup and data export facilities but I couldn’t find any additional specifics (other than a mention about using the Datoms API for raw import/export)


I found Backup and Restore documentation for On-Prem. If Cloud offered something equivalent, that’d be fantastic!


Hi @proyal, Thank you for the report in the overview docs. I think that got left in with the transition from on-prem to cloud. I’ve removed the sentence and apologize for any confusion that may have caused.

Regarding a backup/copy feature, we completely understand the need here and have logged a receptive feature for “moving an on-prem DB to cloud” here. I’ve created an account for you in our suggestion portal, please navigate to the feature to add your use case there and vote on the feature. It will help us prioritize for future development.



Thanks Jaret! I’ve added my use-case, although it is slightly different, since I am not looking to move from On-Prem to Cloud, just copy a database between topologies in cloud.

I appreciate the clarification though, since that means I should be looking at the On-Prem offering instead of Cloud if I require the capability to copy databases between prod and test.