Error on integration between Datomic Analytics and Power BI

I tried to connect in PowerBI using the analytics support and I did the following steps:

  • Downloaded Simba Presto Driver for PowerBI
  • Installed their License
  • Started to add a new data source to PowerBI over ODBC
  • Wrote down a connection string to my Presto setup

And then things started to get partially wrong.
The following picture is the connection window in PowerBI.

When I write the optional query to make a simple select * from table, everything is fine. The data source is available and I can continue to work on that. However, if I leave this space blank which is good option because I would be prompt with all the available tables in the database and then I choose which ones I wanted to load. But, I got the following error message:

I am not a PowerBI heavy user and could not find what is the query that they are issuing against Presto at this time. Any ideas?