Analytics Preview uses Peer Server

For analytics support in on-prem, is there any possibility of removing the requirement for running the Peer Server? On the surface it would seem like using the Peer library directly from the presto driver would be more efficient, more scalable, and also reduce operational overhead for those of us not already running peer server.

Was the decision to use peer server just to keep code parity with cloud or is there some inherent limitation to using peer library instead?

Analytics support is designed around the client API. Further, the Peer server and the analytics server have distinct memory and CPU needs. Running them in separate processes makes it operationally simple to tune for those needs.

Thanks for the rationale, I will need to delve more into tuning Peer Server. I have some followup questions along these lines, let me know if a new topic or support case would be a better venue for discussion. Or maybe, given the “preview” status, it is too soon for official answers?

For Peer Server, how should we think about sizing for this process? The launch script defaults to 1GB, but that doesn’t seem adequate for the tests I’ve run. I don’t really know what sort of queries the Presto connector is issuing, so it is difficult to reason about.

For analytics server, you’ve bundled what looks like a stripped down and slightly old Presto distribution with some bits added for the datomic connector. My attempts to take the datomic bits (along with the requisite config files) and drop them into a newer presto release didn’t work. Is the use of presto considered an implementation detail where only the bundled version is supported, or will analytics support eventually be shipped as a full fledged presto connector which we could deploy on our own presto install, or even something like a Starburst Presto? The current status is somewhat confusing given that the binaries are all bundled, but then the documentation sometimes references presto docs directly.

Is it possible and/or recommended to run analytics on a multi-node presto cluster? If so, should we also run a dedicated Peer Server for each job node, e.g. to improve cache coherence in Peer Server?

One of the preview status caveats is that certain performance optimizations haven’t been made yet. What are the practical limits of this? Even in some fairly simple tests I am seeing really huge differences between a query issued through SQL and the equivalent datalog issued directly using the Peer API (like, tens of milliseconds for datalog and hundreds of seconds for SQL). I’m still playing with tuning on the Peer Server and presto, so not sure there is even an issue here, but even with EXPLAIN queries it is difficult to figure out where things are going wrong. Any tips on getting some execution transparency to help troubleshoot performance issues?

We don’t currently support running presto on your own behalf.

As far as memory settings, you can run Peer Server with as much memory as you like. You will likely see an advantage from increasing the memory allocation beyond the default 1G. The specifics of your queries will dictate the point at which you’ll see diminishing returns with additional memory.

There are a set of new performance improvements to the analytics driver coming in the next release of Datomic On-Prem. They are already included in the most recent release of Datomic Cloud.