[Analytics] Query big decimal column/scale option not working?

Datomic version = 0.9.5981
Presto cli version = 323

I have a currency entity that has a component attribute amount that is a bigdec.
I specified the scale as :currency/amount {:scale {:amount 4}} in the meta schema, but I still get a Rounding necessary error. Appreciate any tips and pointers!

presto:my_db> select money__amount from ledger_balan

Query 20200303_184058_05353_wxc8b, FAILED, 1 node
Splits: 17 total, 0 done (0.00%)
0:01 [0 rows, 0B] [0 rows/s, 0B/s]

Query 20200303_184058_05353_wxc8b failed: Rounding necessary

Hi Ikuru,

This error indicates that you have data stored in Datomic with higher precision that you’re specifying for the :scale option.
You need to provide a :scale that is large enough to cover any values for that attribute in your Datomic system.


Hi Marshall, thanks for taking a look!

My coworker figured out that the attribute part needed to be fully qualified.

Incorrect = :currency/amount {:scale {:amount 4}}
correct :currency/amount {:scale {:currency/amount 4}}

My tiny feedback is the metaschema doc would be more helpful if it had concrete examples.
Anyhow, very excited with this feature and the avenues they open up!