Timestamps issue with Datomic Cloud 732-8992 (Analytics)

After upgrading to the latest Datomic Cloud version CFT 732-8992 I encounter an issue with instant/timestamps.

E.g. when connecting via Apache Superset SQL Editor, I get

presto error: Could not serialize column 'record_recorded_at' of type 'timestamp(3)' at position 1:5

for a ‘column’

 {:db/ident       :record/recorded-at
  :db/valueType   :db.type/instant
  :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one}


  • Pulling the correct timestamp worked fine prior to upgrading.
  • Superset uses PyHive 0.6.3

When querying from the desktop, it actually returns, but with an incorrect value (e.g. 1970-01-19 05:57:58).
For what it’s worth the data type shows a timestamp(3)(25).

I did re-sync the analytics configuration and even restarted the gateway, but without luck.

Any advice is appreciated

We have reproduced this issue and have narrowed down the cause to a change in Presto. We are working on a resolution and testing a fix. I’ll update you here once we have a solution in hand.

Any update? Its now 2 weeks since the issue was reported and no fix or even a general timeline.

In general, is someone still working on Datomic Cloud? Or are all resources shifted to Datomic On-Prem after the acquisition, since that’s what NuBank is using?

I wanted to share an update with you that we have a fix in hand and plan to include it in our next release (which includes other features and fixes which were also carefully tested and considered). I still do not have a timeline to share beyond that we still have several steps in the release process (including Marketplace’s review). I’ll update you as soon as we get closer to release.