Datomic Cloud version 470-8654


This message covers changes in this release. For more details, see https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/releases.html

02/22/2019 - 470-8654 - Compute Template Update

The 470-8654 release contains fixes, enhancements, and dependency updates:

  • Fix: Production nodes now use the documented -Xss values for starting the JVM, preventing stack overflow when compiling complex ion applications.
  • Fix: Fixed bug where ion connections could fail to become aware of recent transactions in a timely manner.
  • Fix: Allow bigint values in transaction data.
  • Fix: Corrected whitelist handling of function calls from datalog rules.
  • Enhancement: New AWS Region - ap-southeast-1.
  • Enhancement: Improved valcache cleanup algorithm.
  • Enhancement: Reduce storage overhead of transactions.
  • Enhancement: Defer creation of VPC Endpoint Service until specifically needed for cross-VPC client access.
  • Update to version 2.9.8 of Jackson.
  • Update to version 1.11.479 of the AWS SDK for Java.

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Please note - We’ve identified an issue with the Query Group template hosted on AWS Marketplace. The issue is resolved in the template linked from the Datomic Releases page. When launching a Query Group, please use the template linked there.