Datomic Cloud 704-8957

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2020/08/07 704-8957 - Compute Update

  • New feature: [Cancel | https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/transactions/transaction-processing.html#cancel]
  • New region: eu-west-2
  • Fix: Prevent race condition in valcache that could lead to a failed read
  • Improvement: Better entity predicate error messages
  • Improvement: Better indexing performance
  • Upgrade: The version of the Presto server running on the access gateway is now 338. This includes an upgrade to Java 11 on the access gateway.
  • Upgrade: The AMI is now based on the 6/17/2020 version of Linux 2 base AMI
  • Upgrade: AWS SDK for Java to version 1.11.826
  • Upgrade: core.async to version 1.3.610