Datomic Cloud 569-8835 and CLI 0.9.33

11/26/2019 - 569-8835 - Storage and Compute Update

  • Fix: resolve tempids for reference attributes inside tuples.
  • Enhancement: performance improvement for range predicates in analytics support
  • Enhancement: SSH public keys automatically handled by access gateway and proxy script
  • Enhancement: AutoScalingGroup details exposed as CloudFormation Outputs
  • Upgrade: AWS Lambda Runtimes moved to NodeJs 10.x

11/26/2019 - CLI Tools - 0.9.33

  • Note: This release requires a version of Datomic Cloud 569-8835 or newer
  • Enhancement: datomic-gateway restart now just restarts the process running on the access gateway, instead of restarting the whole instance. This results in faster restart times when making configuration changes. Restarting a bastion-only access gateway has no effect.
  • Enhancement: Automatically retrieve the hostkey from the access gateway. There will no longer be a warning about the authenticity of the host.