AdopterCheck spamming logs?


I just started up a production topology today and started running my integration tests and application against it. I’m seeing a huge number of lines like this in CloudWatch:

    "Msg": "AdopterCheck",
    "DbId": "849d3bcd-2333-4056-ae76-59a79f537e7d",
    "Type": "Event",
    "Tid": 117,
    "Timestamp": 1556765634158

Right now I see roughly 30-40 of these messages with different DbIds every few seconds.

I can’t seem to find any documentation on what these messages are or what is producing them - is this normal? If so, is there any way to make this logging less verbose?


ah - deleting some unused databases helped reduce this a lot - I’m still curious what they are, as they do show up frequently, but I’m out of crisis mode!