Transactions automatically dated in year 2053


Due to my own carelessness, I’ve used the dev-transactor while my local clock is incorrect, which led to several transactions being dated in the year 2053. The problem is that since these are the latest transactions, even after I set the clock correctly, new transactions are still dated in 2053. Would it be possible to rollback these transactions, or change their timestamp, such that any newer transactions I make (while the clock is correct) is dated with the current time? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately I didn’t make any backups, which I should have.

Hi @tomzheng77

I would recommend that you make a NEW DB with the right time and create an ETL job to move over your old DB.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Jaret,

I will try this. Thank you.

Kind regards,

For future reference, the way I solved this is by creating a new H2 database, exporting entities in to H2 [attr1, attr2, …, timestamp] format, and then importing them back to a new datomic DB using the :db/txInstant property (