Simplest way to remap HTTP Direct invoke url

HTTP Direct certainly needs no introduction. We’d like to expose an HTTP Direct proxy without exposing consumers to /datomic endpoint URLs.

From what I’ve gathered, there could be a few ways to go about remapping /datomic/* URLs. Using multiple CloudFront origins or Lambda@Edge seem to be options worth exploring.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or have alternative ideas? Any input would be much appreciated!

I had some more time to poke around with this, so I’ll log what I found for anyone that has a similar curiosity in the future.

It turns out there is no endpoint path imposed or enforced by Datomic, and the /datomic choice in the tutorial is ~arbitrary. As long as the proxy itself and VPC link are configured correctly, it is quite natural to route (e.g. using bidi, pedestal, etc.) to any URL relative to the root, not just those relative to /datomic.

Total oversight on my part, but it’s nice when things are 100x simpler than whatever you’ve built up in your head.