Query execution time - Datomic Pull

I am trying to pull all the relevant information regarding employees in one query. First I get a vector of all the employee maps. Then using specter/transform or postwalk I process the vector of maps and get the full maps using :db/id 's. The ref attributes are not defined as component attributes. But I need to have similar functionality. For this, I use a

(d/pull db '[*] db-id)

inside the specter transform function. (or with a postwalk function).

But my pull with the above pull statement takes nearly 10 seconds or above to fetch the whole employee maps. The questions are:

1 - Why it is taking so much time? I have, may be 200 employees at the moment. It is a SOLO stack.

2 - Is there any better/faster way to get the full maps with the :db/id’s?

Thank you for any suggestions.

See the code below: I have removed irrelevant lines.

(let [ employees [
#:employee{:email “haroon_789@yahoo.com”,
:last-name “smith”,
:emplid “PLM0015”,
:job #:db{:id 101155069757724},
:full-time? true,
:first-name “Haroon”,
:employee-type #:db{:id 79164837202211},
:gender-type #:db{:id 92358976735520},
#:employee{:email “frazer765@yahoo.com”,
:last-name “smith”,
:emplid “PLM0025”,
:job #:db{:id 10115506975245},
:full-time? true,
:first-name “Farhan”,
:employee-type #:db{:id 79164837202211},
:gender-type #:db{:id 92358976735520},

(specter/transform [ALL]
(fn [each-map]
(let [db-id (:db/id each-map)]
(d/pull db '[*] db-id) ))
;;I apply the above logic only for the map values with :db/id’s.