New Cloud Client Release - 0.8.78

This message covers changes in this release. For more details, see the releases page for cloud

June 17, 2019 client-cloud 0.8.78

  • New feature: Return Maps.
  • New feature: Reverse references in nav (try it in REBL).

Return maps are available today for cloud clients, and are coming soon for Datomic On-Prem and Datomic Ions.

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Hi, didn’t quite understand the coming soon for Ions part. Does that mean that say a query in (myfun) I run in my REPL with :keys won’t work once it’s deployed?

Correct, if by “won’t work” you mean that such a query will ignore the new options until we ship support for them to the AWS Marketplace.

It works with namespaces!! :partying_face:

So happy to see this! In an attribute-centric worldview, the qualified attribute contains the semantics so it is important that the query have a way to preserve this information. Cognitect does it again!

user=> (d/q '[:find ?movie 
              :keys movie/title                   ; Swish!
              :where [_ :movie/title ?movie]] 
            (d/db conn))
[#:movie{:title "Commando"} 
 #:movie{:title "The Goonies"} 
 #:movie{:title "Repo Man"}]
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Ah right, as the new lib has to be packaged into the server stuff. Gotcha :wink: