Html served from handler can't find assets (js, css)

Given my projects path setup like this:


I would assume that the html page i serve from my handler running on my datomic cloud solo instance with the

script tag src="resources/public/main.js"

would be able fetch, but it doesn’t. The browser tells me it can’t find the file at


which is where I believe it should be.

I have also tried a couple of other path variations. The next reasonable thing to do would be to SSH into to box to see where it is, or maybe see if it’s not there. But in general get some visibility into the system, the options for DC still seem a bit of a mystery to me. I’m reading over the docs to understand more, any advice will be great as randomly changing the file path doesn’t seem like a good idea. :slight_smile:

Other info “resources” is on my deps paths, though i’m not sure that impatcs anything. The file isn’t git ignored.


Thinking through this more, what it seems I’m trying to do is make the files on the server/lambda publicly accessible. I realize people typically use S3 for this, it would be convenient in the moment but likely I’ll went to end up serving everything for s3.