How to troubleshoot that my local web handler correctly returns the payload (status, body,etc,,) but deployed (api-gateway warpped) function doesn't?

Greetings, as the ambitiously long title says, i’m not sure what to try next in order to debug this issue. I’ll try to explain more. If you look at this git commit, in the project in question:

The handler seems to conform correctly to the specification outlined here:

As well as return an acceptable payload. The body is an HTML page the browser should render when I visit the invoke URL given to me by AWS + “/datomic”:

Which it doesn’t. It’s possible I should be able to learn something from the response header, but a lot of those keys are foreign to me. “x-amz-apigw-id”. The Get request seems correct.

I looked at my logs (as best i know-how) and I saw no specific errors in my application.

I suspect I’m not correctly including the compiled assets (HTML, js, css) in my project so they can be handled. Some disconnect between my figwheel local setup and how rum works. For instance, I realized that i would need to include the javascript so as a short-term solution included public/main.out and public/main.js so they would be available. That didn’t change anything.

Usually, my next step in troubleshooting would be to setup a running repl to the server and look at the return value of my handler and go from there. But as i understand it, that’s not an option.

Any help would be great!