Environment Variables

Is there a way in Datomic Cloud to set custom UNIX environment variables that will be seen by the nodes in compute and query groups? I don’t see it anywhere in the documentation, and since the product creates the EC2 instances in AWS I doubt that the right thing to do is try to muck around in those resources directly (e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28643573/how-to-set-an-environment-variable-in-amazon-ec2).

Are you using Datomic Ions to deploy application code? You can use parameter store to pass parameters: https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/ions/ions-reference.html#parameters

Yes, but what I need is a TIMBRE_LEVEL env variable set before the JVM starts so I can elide logging. The latest version of timbre can also deal with a JVM property, but unfortunately that is also a case where if the ns loads before you manage to set the property then it still won’t help. So, the best way to ensure it works is either if I can set a real JVM property (i.e. java -D...) or an environment variable that the JVM will see.

I suspect you could modify the Cloudformation template to export the ENV var you need under TxLaunchConfig UserData property.

Right, that was my suspicion. Thanks!