Ion push :repl-cmd

I’m trying to separate my prod and dev envs.
I have 2 configs for the client that I want to load to the classpath depending on the env.
As a default, load config/dev/app/config.edn and for prod alias, load config/prod/app/config.edn.

I have tried using :repl-cmd but it doesn’t add the files to the zip (tho it does print that command).

(ion/push {:repl-cmd "-A:prod"})
:paths     ["src" "resources" "config/dev"]
 {:prod    {:extra-paths ["config/prod"]}


clj -M:scripts -m ci
(cognitect.s3-libs.s3/upload "datomic-code-***" [{:local-zip ".datomic-ions/datomic/apps/***.zip", :s3-zip "datomic/apps/***.zip"}] {:repl-cmd "-A:prod"})

How can I separate these 2 envs? I want to be able to:

  • develop locally on the local lib
  • have a ci that pushed to code deploy
  • enable to load both configs to run import-cloud

I just can’t find the right combination for everything to work together.