Differential Backup and multiple URIs

A couple of questions on how the differential backup works. I scoured the interwebs to no avail.

  1. When you backup to a URI, does it do a full backup initially, and then every time after that do the differential backup? Is there any time that it would do a full backup after it’s been doing a differential backup for some specific amount of time?

  2. In Datomic 0.9.5130 and up, is the differential backup approach automatically implemented, or is there something that needs to be configured?

Sorry if these seem elementary, just getting familiar with this part of Datomic.

Thank you

Your assumptions are correct. The “initial” backup will be full, since there is nothing to start from and all subsequent backups to the same location will be incremental. Incremental backup occurs automatically, no additional configuration required.
Creating a new “full” backup would require you to run the backup to a new empty location.

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I figured that’s how it worked because it made logical sense but I couldn’t find much documentation on the process. You’ve helped clear it up for me. Thanks!

If incremental backups are performed as you say here (for the case having same backup uri), why is it mentioned in the documentation that it performs differential backup? Can you please clarify?

Incremental or differential are two descriptions of the same process.
The backup only copies new segments created since the last backup to the same URI.